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Manufactured and tested to the highest standards, Totali’s hybrid window’s provide your home with the insulating benefits of timber on the inside and the durability of aluminium on the outside.

Totali’s unique Hybrid Casement Windows are built to high technical specifications. They’re secure, weatherproof and the aluminium exterior makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Options available include top hung, side hung, fixed and combination windows in Stormproof Casement, Flush Casement or our latest Series 2 Casement designs

The Flush Hybrid Casement Window is designed so that the opening window sits flush with the window face, giving your home clean simple lines.

The Hybrid Stormproof Casement Window features a rebate and the casement overlaps the face of the window giving your home added water protection.

Totali’s Hybrid Stormproof and Flush Casement windows have very high thermal insulation properties and provide U-Values well below the current and anticipated future building regulations.

The Series 2 Hybrid Casement Window is built to even higher standards, where our Stormproof and Flush Casements are high performance 83mm systems, the superior performance of Totali’s Series 2 Casement is available as either a 125mm or 150mm system.