How To Clean Your Timber Windows.

Totali Solutions windows and doors are designed and manufactured using the best materials, providing an extended service life with low maintenance.

The coatings we use are effective for up to 10 years, and many more - as confirmed by our customer testimonials.

Spring is a perfect time to clean your windows and remove any build-up of dirt from the Winter months.

Cleaning will help to ensure good performance and quality, with long lasting appearance for your products beyond the service life.

Follow our simple four step guide to sparkling windows -

1. Check your gutters as any overflowing debris build up from over the Winter will make its way onto the face of the windows. Clearing the gutters out first will prevent this until Autumn.

2. Remove dirt and insects by washing the joinery down with a mild solution of soap (washing up liquid) & a sponge or soft cloth. You can clean the glass at the same time.

3. If there is any mould and algae present; wipe this off with a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part household bleach. Ensuring to rinse thoroughly with clean water after using the bleach solution.

4. Allow the area to dry.

Nb. In coastal locations where dry sand blasting occurs, annual care & maintenance will be required on a more regular basis.

Repainting Your Windows And Doors

Prior to redecoration –

1. Be mindful as to whether your windows have an oil based or water based paint coating. It is recommended to re paint with the same paint finish, as coating over the top of an existing paint with a different finish could lead to blistering and flaking.

2. It is essential to repair any damaged areas prior to re painting.


1) All surfaces require a thorough clean before any coating application takes place, simply follow the four steps above.

2) Ensure the temperature is above 10°C when redecoration is being carried out. It is also important that the relative humidity does not exceed 80%. Do not apply in rain or when there is mist in the air and avoid application on days where there is a very high risk of rain.

3) If there is any doubt about the substrate or underlying paint film, apply the appropriate product to a small, inconspicuous area, allowing to dry for 24 hours and then inspect for appearance and adhesion to substrate.

4) Check for damaged coatings and rectify as follows: - Remove all loosely adhered coatings by first scraping with a sharp scraper then sanding with a P100 abrasive. Sand back any grey timber to a sound clean surface, as new brush applied coatings will not perform well on the loose timber fibres present on grey denatured timber. Where there are sound coatings that are not easily removed by the above process, feather the edge between sound coatings and bare timber with a P120 abrasive so it is as smooth as possible.

5) Apply a full coat of primer/base stain, ensuring that the end grain is also coated if exposed.

6) Once a clean and sound surface is obtained apply a coat of an appropriate maintenance product.

Always use a good quality, long haired, synthetic bristle brush for the application of the water-based products.

7) Allow 3-4 hours between coats for the water-based products. After drying a light de-nib with a very fine abrasive paper (p240 grade or finer) may be required.

8) Apply a second coat of the appropriate maintenance product.

Applying water-based paints.

• Load the coating generously onto the surface and disperse the paint briskly.

• Even out the coating with light diagonal cross grain strokes – do not over brush – the coating will level and flow naturally.

• Finish the application with light brush strokes in the direction of the grain, taking care to do so around the joint intersections. Apply and finish each section systematically, one component at a time e.g. top rail followed by the stiles and then the bottom rail.

With practice, an even coat can be applied quickly. An even coat film is important for durability, but also for appearance, particularly in the case of translucent wood stains.

The video below by one of our suppliers, shows you just how easy it is to repaint factory-finished timber windows and doors - and gives some trouble-shooting tips.

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