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Updated: May 9, 2019

Deciding whether to choose timber, aluminium or pvcu windows and doors to update your home or on a new build project, is often an overwhelming decision. It is important to understand the benefits of each and feel confident in your decision; as we appreciate you don’t want to be regularly maintaining or replacing your windows and doors for a long time after they have been installed.

We hope that our blog provides you with useful information regarding timber.

Made To Last A Lifetime

Totali Solutions timber windows and doors are designed and manufactured using the best materials, producing products with a service life of 60 years+, with careful minimal maintenance.

We offer comprehensive warranties on our timber, workmanship, paint finish, ironmongery and glass units - with coatings effective for up to 12 years, and many more - making timber an excellent choice - adding value to your home and reassurance for you that your money is well invested.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber window and door frames are not only more environmentally friendly than PVCu, but due to their natural material and length of life, they can actually work to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air.

Given the global issue of de-forestation we take great care in the sourcing of our timbers; as it is important for the future of our planet and as we continue the Totali legacy forward for future generations. All engineered timbers are carefully sourced as are the oak, hardwoods and modified timbers we use in our bespoke range of glazed products.

Timber is a natural insulator; however, the energy efficiency of your windows is also determined by the glazing. All our glazing solutions offer the latest low U-value glass units, along with specialist roof glass which keeps the heat in during the winter months and out during the summer.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to new materials, processes and finishes we can offer timber products with a far greater lifespan and minimal ongoing maintenance.

We recommend wiping down your windows each season to give a long-lasting appearance and prevent any other maintenance being required for ten years and beyond.

Click here to view our simple guide to cleaning your timber products.


With over 30 years in business Totali are experts in timber solutions, from small domestic installations, Grade II listed renovations and country homes to sizeable commercial projects. Not only do we harness our expertise in the factory, with our team of specialist joiners, but also at the point of sale and specification where we can offer specific advice on products design and materials, underpinned by the very fact that our products are all made in the UK.

Tailored To Your Specification

Totali Solutions products are bespoke made to your exact specification in our Yorkshire factory, giving you the choice of traditional features or opting for a more modern look, depending on your project.

We can manufacture timber windows in various shapes and sizes, in any colour, with ironmongery to suit your style. You can also choose to have dual coloured products creating contrasting aesthetics on the inside and outside of your property. This is particularly useful if you live in a traditional style home and want heritage looks on the exterior, but a modern, contemporary look on the inside.

Get a behind the scenes look into our factory by watching our short video.

Timber Can Be Repainted & Repaired

Over time you may decide to change the colour of your windows or perfect any areas of small damage. Unlike other product choices, with timber you have the option to repaint and repair and still maintain a factory finish. See our blog for a simple step by step guide to going about it.

Timber Choices

Totali can offer softwoods, hardwoods and modified timbers, providing practical advice on which exact material to use to benefit you, as we are not limited to an overseas factory for their manufacture.

Our standard range of timbers used include -

Softwood: European Redwood – Engineered Laminated, defect free.

A budget timber often used in commercial and trade projects, not a timber we use often due to its poor finish quality. Wider grain, the most susceptible to movement due to the open grain nature of this material. Preservative treatment required prior to coating application as the raw material is not as durable. Engineered laminated stock are used to ensure they are knot and defect free. Hardwood: Sapele Mahogany & European Oak – Engineered Laminated for stability

Both Sapele Mahogany and European Oak are very dense and durable timbers naturally offering increased lifespan over softwood timbers. Engineered Laminated stocks are used in both these timber types to reduce the possibility of twisting and warping. The density plays a big part in regard to security and stability with less movement with fluctuations in atmospheric moisture. This reduction of movement puts less stress on the coating and increases longevity of the coating over and above softwoods.

Due to the density these timbers offer a smooth finish with the correct preparation works prior to coating.

Hardwoods are used on most projects and our standard timber of choice over softwoods. This timber type can be used in high moisture content areas unlike softwoods.

Accoya™: Modified timber with a 50-year guarantee for rot and fungal attack.

The base material is a softwood (Radiata Pine) however the treatment process the timber goes through produces Accoya.

Accoya is a manufactured product from natural materials and offers market leading performance and durability second to none.Due to the stability of Accoya™ its shows very little, if any, dimensional movement, tolerances of products can be tightened, and the coating durability is extended over and above hardwoods.

This timber is our preferred preference over any other timber type mainly for its service life credentials and stability. The initial purchase cost may be higher than other timber types however the life cycle costings are far more cost efficient.

This timber would be recommended for high atmospheric moisture areas especially coastal properties.


Regardless of the material you choose for your window frames, the locks are the most important aspect of their security. Providing you have modern multipoint locks; every frame type should offer equally good security.

Totali have several locking solutions which can be tailored to your needs,

Casement windows are provided with multipoint locking mechanisms and fitted with anti-jemmy friction hinges, with Part Q compliance where required under the latest building regulations.

Sash windows are offered with traditional ironmongery but with additional restrictor locks for safe night time ventilation without concern of the window being opened further externally.

All doors are provided with Multipoint locking mechanisms for increased security and stability of the door in the closed position. A variety of functions can be applied to the door locks to ensure aesthetics and functionality are provided to your requirements. Multipoint locking systems are great for securing a door however it is paramount that a high security cylinder accessory is used to support this locking mechanism. Totali Solutions provided, as standard, Ultion cylinders which have the highest security rating available in the market place. Visit Ultion to see how secure these cylinders are.

Understanding Cost

A report* for the Wood Window Alliance (WWA) compares the expected Service Life and Whole Life Cost of four window frame materials: timber, modified timber, aluminium-clad timber and PVC-U.

The research concludes that timber windows made to WWA specifications have an expected Service Life of around 60 years, compared to 30 years for an equivalent PVC-U frame; modified timber and aluminium-clad timber frames have an expected life of over 70 years.

Click here to view the report in full.

*Source: Dr Gillian Menzies Institute for Building and Urban Design Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

For any further enquiries please contact the Totali team who will be happy to assist you.


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